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What are "Scouting Reports"?

Scouting Reports are portfolios of relevant grant opportunities based on your preferences and eligibility criteria. We provide actionable insights on each grant to give you the best information needed to win the grant. We created Scouting Reports for three reasons:

  1.  The universe of grants is massive and decentralized.

  2. Smaller nonprofits often don't have the resources to locate grants on their own.

  3. Even with a database, grantseekers still must parse through thousands of irrelevant grants.

What differentiates GrantExec from other services?

We know that searching for grant funding is cumbersome;  keyword searches and word-of-mouth connections are neither efficient nor exhaustive. GrantExec not only offers a comprehensive database of grants but also eliminates the need for endless scrolling through opportunities. We deliver the ideal funding opportunities straight to your inbox. Don’t have a grant writer to help you secure a grant? No problem. You can tap into our grant writer pool to find a grant professional that suits your needs.

What technology do you use to deliver your services?

We use a combination of programs that both comb the web for grant opportunities and add the grants to our database. From there, we use automation to take the information that you give us about your desired grants and match you with funding opportunities.

How many grants are in your database?

Our database offers thousands of federal, state, local, and foundational grants that vary in amount, length, purpose, eligibility, and requirements. To get the latest number, visit our home page.

How frequently do you update your database of grants?

Every day. Our proprietary AI programs run through each source in the early morning and add relevant grant opportunities to our database.

I am a freelance grant professional, writer, manager, or consultant. How can I enter the Grant Professionals Pool?

We will be launching the Grant Professionals Pool after the release of our database service. Sign up for updates to be the first to be invited to the platform!

Are you looking for beta testers?

Yes! If you would like to beta test our site, please select “yes” to the relevant question in our sign-up form.

How can I get in touch?

We would love to hear from you! If you want to contact us directly, visit the "Contact" page on our menu. Also, you can sign up for updates or keep up with us on social media at the links at the bottom of the page.

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