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2023 Aitkin County Business Revitalization Grant Program – Minnesota

Aitkin County








Award Floor:



Match Required?




Entity Types:

Small businesses, Businesses located in Aitkin County.
Matching Funds: The Aitkin County Business Revitalization grant Program is intended to leverage locally funded promotions and not replace that funding. Significant consideration will be given to the amount and quality of matching funds/in kind contributions when grant applications are evaluated by the Economic Development Committee and County Board. Applicants are required to provide a 1:1 match of all funds awarded.
County-Wide Distribution: The intent of this program is to provide assistance throughout Aitkin County. Consideration shall be given to amounts awarded and number of grants approved for any particular region of the county to ensure that an equitable level of funding is available throughout the county.
Grant funds shall not be used to pay the salaries of part- or full-time staff associated with your business activity. Funds shall not be used for any type of prizes or other material items that may be offered, awarded, sold or given away.
Aitkin County Business Revitalization Grant funds may not be used to reimburse expenses occurred prior to grant approval by Aitkin County.
The Aitkin County Economic Development Committee will rank applications based on creativity and beautification concepts.
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Source Type:


Aitkin County has received Federal Fiscal Recovery Funding from the American Rescue Plan Act. The Fiscal Recovery Fund was established to help turn the tide on the pandemic, address its economic fallout and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery. The Aitkin County Board of Commissioners, have approved funding to be used to directly impact the Community of Aitkin County by establishing the Aitkin County Business Revitalization Grant Program.
As business owners and members of the community, it is important that they establish and maintain an image of growth and success. The fund will help support upgrades of awnings, signage, outdoor aesthetics and general business image and appearance.

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