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2023 Byrne JAG Criminal Justice Enhancement Grant





September 28, 2023



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The Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP), under the Byrne-Justice Assistance Grant Program, provides financial assistance to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime and to improve the criminal justice system. The JAG program places an emphasis on violent crime, drug offenses, and serious offenders.
The JAG program has a history of funding innovation with an emphasis on data driven policy and demonstrating outcomes. Funding for this one-time special solicitation is available through Iowa’s Byrne-Justice Assistance Grant. Approximately $450,000 will be committed through this competitive grant process. A minimum of approximately $250,000 will be set aside for smaller jurisdictions (those who did not receive a 2021/2022 Direct JAG Award). grant performance period is expected to be November 2023 – October 2024 and is considered one-time funding. We expect to support approximately 25 grant applications.
JAG applications within six federally approved “Program Areas” addressing at least one of the solicitation “Priorities” will be considered for funding.

Byrne-JAG Program Purpose Areas

Law Enforcement Programs
Prosecution and Court Programs
Prevention and Education Programs
Corrections and Community Corrections Programs
Drug Treatment Programs
Planning Evaluation and Technology Improvement Programs

Examples of Possible Program Responses that enhance the administration of justice through improved efficiency, improved effectiveness, and/or reduced cost include, but are Not Limited to:
· Equipment and technology that improve community health and safety.
· Prevention/Intervention that reduce youth access to drugs/alcohol.
· Enhanced access to services for underserved populations.
· Training.
· Virtual/remote delivery of services.
· Reduce drug and alcohol related deaths.
· Other evidence informed, innovative programs, in one of the six Byrne-JAG Program Purpose Areas listed above.
Applicants should propose initiatives that use data, sound criminal justice principles, and innovation to create strategies that are effective, economical, and sustainable.
Evidence-informed Programs/Practices
The Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy places strong emphasis on the use of data and evidence in policy making and programming. Applicants should document and describe, to the extent possible, a data/evidence focused response to particular crime and/or substance abuse problem in their grant applications.
Proposed projects are not required to be established evidence-based programs, however, the applications should be based on sound criminal justice principles.
Information on evidence-based programs/practices, is available on the U.S. Department of Justice website at

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