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2023 Historic Site Preservation Grant Program – Mississippi

Mississippi Department of Archives and History





September 29, 2023



Award Floor:



Match Required?




Entity Types:

County governments, Nonprofits




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The Mississippi Department of Archives and History is requesting applications for the 2023 Historic Site Preservation Grant Program.
Donor Name: Mississippi Department of Archives and History
State: Mississippi
County: All Counties
Type of Grant: Grant
Deadline: 09/29/2023
Size of the Grant: $50,000
In 2021, the Legislature authorized the creation of the Mississippi Historic Site Preservation Grant. The grant provides funds for the protection through acquisition of sites related to Civil War battles, Native American archaeology, and Civil Rights history. These funds allow endangered and significant properties to be preserved.
The Mississippi Historic Site Preservation Fund is used to defray costs for land acquisition to protect historic properties. A one-to-one match is required. For example, an organization receiving $50,000 from MDAH must provide $50,000 in matching funds or other eligible equivalent, which cannot be from other state sources. The fund will only provide up to fifty percent of the appraised value of the property.
What costs are eligible?
All expenses must be associated with the acquisition and preservation of the property itself and may not be used for the rehabilitation of structures. The eligible costs are:

Acquisition and improvement of land
Permanent protective interests
Conservation easements
Environmental reports
Title searches and title insurance
Closing costs not listed here

What acquisitions are eligible?
Properties must either be historic battlefields, archaeological sites significant to Native American history or prehistory, or sites associated with the Civil Rights Movement. A property may have significance in more than one area, such as a battlefield with a recorded archaeological site within its boundaries, which will be taken into consideration in scoring applications.
In addition, the property must be recognized as significant. Properties may have an existing designation, such as being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, identified in the 1993 Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report on the Nation’s Civil War Battlefields, or determined to be nationally significant in a National Park Service Special Resource Study. Properties without designation will be evaluated by qualified staff, and those that are deemed eligible will be considered for award.
What organizations are eligible?
Colleges and universities, historical societies, state agencies, local governments, and 501(c (3) nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive a grant through this program.
For more information, visit MDAH.

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