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2024 Urban and Community Forestry Grant – Michigan

Michigan Department of Natural Resources





October 13, 2023





Award Floor:



Match Required?




Entity Types:

City or township governments, County governments, Nonprofits, For-profit organizations other than small businesses




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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is accepting applications for Urban and Community Forestry grants that can fund tree planting, planning and protection projects in towns and cities.
Donor Name: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
State: Michigan
County: All Counties
Type of Grant: Grant
Deadline: 10/13/2023
Size of the Grant: $10,000-$50,000
Grant Duration: 10 months
The purposes of this combined funding program are to provide financial and technical assistance to:

Provide programmatic, competitive grants for tree planting and related activities, with a priority for projects that address environmental justice and equity issues and benefit disadvantaged populations and communities as defined by federal executive orders 14008 and 13985;
Support management and reforestation while building resiliency through tree diversity and the protection of existing trees, including tree planting and tree removals in urban communities most severely impacted by the Emerald Ash Borer and other pests and diseases;
Build local community capacity to plant, protect and manage community trees through education, training, and technical assistance;
Engage citizens to facilitate participation in planning, decision making and implementation of local UCF projects/
Develop, promote and implement sustainable UCF management programs and best practices;
Improve public awareness and understanding of the benefits derived from healthy urban trees;
Facilitate partnerships between citizens, public, private, nonprofit organizations and others to encourage shared stewardship of urban and community trees and forests;
Incentivize innovative projects that support and address UCF issues in Michigan;
Enhance the technical skills and training and create workforce opportunities for those involved in planning, managing, or maintaining urban and community trees and forests;
Promote equitable and resilient communities by supporting environmental justice, workforce development and climate adaptation strategies through UCF projects; and
Support projects that implement goals and actions of local, regional and Michigan’s Forest Action Plans.

2024 Urban and Community Forestry Grant Funding Priorities
Up to $300,000 in funding may be distributed for projects that encompass activities across the following categories:

Assessments and Data
Tree Planting, Pruning and Removal
Training and Education
Community Engagement and Outreach
Management, Planning and Administration

This is a reimbursement grant program. Federal grant monies awarded under this program will be paid only upon evidence of project completion, approval of eligible expenses and any required match (match waived for IRA funded projects). A maximum of up to 20% of the budget may be allocated for allowable administrative costs. Individual grant funding requests may range from $10,000 to $50,000.
Grant Period
Approximately 10 months (November through August). Fiscal Year 2024 projects must be completed by Sept. 1, 2025.
Project Categories and Eligible Activities
The Urban and Community Forestry Program authorizes funding for a broad range of activities, such as urban wood utilization, urban food forests, extreme heat mitigation, and workforce development. Applicants are encouraged to think comprehensively about their needs in creating project proposal(s) regardless of funding category. Proposals may be focused on individual activities or encompass multiple activities across categories. Various activities will be eligible for funding under the following categories:

Assessments and Data
Tree Planting, Pruning, Removal and Utilization
Training, Education and Workforce Development
Community Engagement and Outreach
Management, Planning and Administration.

Eligibility Criteria 

Applications will be accepted from the following entities:

Local units of government (e.g., city, village, township, county, conservation districts)
Educational institutions (public schools, colleges, and universities)
Non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) legal status
Federally recognized tribal governments

Non-profit Information: Non-profit organizations submitting applications must also:

Provide a copy of the IRS letter of determination indicating non-profit status.
For tree planting projects, – provide documented permission from the landowning authority (e.g., city forester, city manager) where the project will be performed, if it is not your own.

Individuals, private businesses, and for-profit organizations are not eligible to apply but may partner with or receive assistance through proposals submitted by an eligible organization.

For more information, visit MDNR.

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