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Advancing U.S. Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics






December 12, 2023





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Entity Types:

For profit organizations other than small businesses

i. Domestic Entities The proposed prime recipient must be a domestic, for-profit entity. The proposed prime recipient and subrecipient(s) must be domestic entities. The following types of domestic entities are eligible to participate as a subrecipient of this FOA: 1. Institutions of higher education 2. For-profit entities 3. Nonprofit entities 4. State and local governmental entities, and Indian tribes To qualify as a domestic entity, the entity must be organized, chartered or incorporated (or otherwise formed) under the laws of a particular state or territory of the United States; have majority domestic ownership and control; and have a physical place of business in the United States. DOE/NNSA FFRDCs are eligible to apply for funding as a subrecipient but are not eligible to apply as a prime recipient for Topic 1, and Topic 2. Non-DOE/NNSA FFRDCs are eligible to participate as a subrecipient but are not eligible to apply as a prime recipient. Federal agencies and instrumentalities (other than DOE) are eligible to participate as a subrecipient but are not eligible to apply as a prime recipient. See FOA for additional information.




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The Advancing U.S. Thin-Film Solar Photovoltaics FOA will focus on accelerating the capabilities of two thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technologies: metal-halide perovskite PV and cadmium telluride (CdTe) PV technologies. It will fund innovative industrial research and development (R) projects that will enable future commercialization of hybrid tandem perovskite PV, defined as a perovskite PV in combination with another technology such as silicon or CdTe. It will also fund industrial research, development, and demonstration (RD) projects across the materials, equipment, installation, and performance monitoring sectors to improve the competitiveness of the domestic CdTe PV industry. This FOA promotes American leadership in thin-film PV technology by promoting the domestic manufacture of thin-film PV modules. With this goal in mind, only for-profit entities and teams led by for-profit entities may apply to this FOA (see Section III.A for more details on eligibility criteria) and all work must be performed in the United States (see Section IV.I.iii. and Appendix C).

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