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Aquatic Invasive Species Grants to Great Lakes Tribes - Fiscal Year 2023 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative




January 26, 2023



December 31, 2023





Award Floor:



Match Required?





Entity Types:

Native American tribal organizations

We are seeking applications from tribal natural resource agencies/organizations in the Great Lakes Basin. However, a tribal agency may designate an entity (of any type) to apply for the award on their behalf.




Source Type:


Using appropriations to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) anticipates providing grants to support development and/or implementation of Great Lakes Tribal Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plans (Tribal AIS Plans). Therefore, a Tribal AIS Plan must be in place that supports the proposed work, or development of such a plan must be a part of the proposed work. All tribal grants will be awarded based on a competitive process for which only Great Lakes tribes or their designee are eligible.Proposed work must either be within the Great Lakes Basin or near enough to the basin that it contributes substantially to the prevention and/or control of AIS in the Great Lakes basin. Activities such as outreach, boat ramp inspections, and/or law enforcement are often done outside the basin but make substantial contributions when work is done in areas where people are likely to transit (and thereby potentially transfer AIS) into the Great Lakes basin. Early detection, rapid response, and/or control efforts outside the basin must address: Species with a substantial potential for interbasin transfer (e.g., hydrilla in a waterbody near the Great Lakes basin that receives heavy boat use). Species of significant concern to the Great Lakes community within a Great Lakes state. Activities where the primary motivation is to prevent transfer of AIS into the Great Lakes basin.In the end, we are pursuing and funding whatever actions have the greatest benefit to the Great Lakes Basin.INVASIVE CARP WORK IS ONLY ELIGIBLE FOR CONSIDERATION IF IT HAS BEEN INITIALLY SUBMITTED AND VETTED THROUGH THE ANNUAL DEVELOPMENT AND APPROVAL PROCESS FOR THE INVASIVE CARP REGIONAL COORDINATING COMMITTEE'S (ICRCC) INVASIVE CARP ACTION PLAN. Invasive carp work funded and implemented through the Action Plan is coordinated through the ICRCC. The ICRCC develops an annual work plan that is largely supported through a separate source of GLRI funding and which undergoes a separate review process that includes Office of Management and Budget (OMB) review and approval.

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