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Artstour & Live Music for Illinois Not-For-Profit OrganizationsArtstour & Live Music for Illinois Not-For-Profit Organizations

Illinois Arts Council Agency (IACA)









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Entity Types:

Nonprofits, Small businesses




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This program can not be used to support events that are part of a regular series by organizations already receiving Program Grants in the discipline of Presenters.
Examples of programs:
A library engages a storyteller to present stories during a children’s story festival.
A school district brings in a theatre company to perform at the local high school. In addition, the company visits the elementary school to work with 3rd and 4th graders involved in the school’s upcoming theatre production.
A theatre company collaborates with a folk musician in the creation and presentation of a new play.
The local college brings a jazz orchestra to town to perform. The musicians also give a mini-performance at the local senior center.
A dance company engages a classical music ensemble to provide live music for a performance
The IACA is committed to advancing equity and access in the arts, through programming and grant opportunities for all Illinoisans, and programming that makes special efforts to reach statewide underserved audiences including but not limited to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) and rural communities, persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, persons with limited access to the
arts, older individuals, and persons with low income.
Request Amount
Applicants may request a maximum of 75% of the contracted fee of the artist, company, or group. The minimum request per engagement is $100. The maximum request per engagement is $30,000. All requests should be rounded down to the nearest five or ten.
Grant Period
Fiscal Year 2023 ATLM funds support activities occurring by August 31, 2023.
Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must be tax exempt (501c3) organizations registered as not-for-profit corporations in good standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, or units of government (i.e., school, school district, park district, library district), or institutions of higher education.
Artist, company, or group selected to present must be currently based in Illinois. Individual performers must be current residents of Illinois. Companies and groups must be based in Illinois.
Applicant must submit all requested application materials a minimum of eight weeks before the project start date as identified in the application.
For more information, visit Artstour & Live Music Grant.
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