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Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana

Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana




November 15, 2023



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The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana accepts applications to the 1st Year Teacher Instructional Resources Grant program each year. This grant is aimed at deferring the costs of instructional resources and classroom supplies for teachers. Eligibility/Guidelines: • The applicant must be a first year teacher and provide a signed statement by their principal or human resources department attesting to their status. • The application must contain both a proposal summary and a projected budget. • A+PEL membership is not a requirement, but preference will be given to members. • The applicant agrees that receipts are required for reimbursement and agree to submit them to the A+PEL office within 30 days of being notified of being the recipient (or attending the conference if for professional development) in order to be reimbursed for expenses related to the grant. • If selected, the applicant will be available to receive this award publically at a faculty meeting, school board meeting, or A+PEL conference. The venue will ultimately be determined by the representative giving the award and such aspects as convenience for the recipient, permission of the school/district, and the number of individuals awarded in a district will be taken into account. • The applicant must conform to standard rules of grammar in their application. Applications lacking in basic grammar will be disqualified regardless of other merits. • Applicants can be awarded only one A+PEL award within a 365 day time period. This rule has been established to provide for additional opportunities among the growing member base. The application is November 15, annually. 11/19/2022

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