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Ausherman Family Foundation

Ausherman Family Foundation







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The Ausherman Family Foundation works to enhance the well-being of the residents of Frederick County, Maryland, by encouraging institutional initiatives that help meet needs in underserved areas.The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that fit into the following defined Areas of Interest, listed below in order of funding preference:Children, Youth, & FamiliesOrganizations or programs that provide enrichment and increased opportunity to children and youth as well as organizations or programs that strengthen families. Programs and activities included are scouting, mentorships, youth leadership, youth community service clubs and job training, parent engagement, education, college access, academic enrichment, and arts activities.Human ServicesPrograms and services that provide basic welfare to help individuals, families, and communities to prevent, alleviate, or better cope with crisis, change, and stress. Human Services include the following sub-categories: crime and delinquency prevention, legal services, employment/jobs, food, housing/shelter, and women's issues.HealthAll treatment and rehabilitative programs relating to physical and mental health including, but not limited to, the following sub-categories: hospitals and primary care facilities, mental health and crisis intervention, diseases, disorders and related medical disciplines, nutrition, and dental care.EducationInstitutions of higher education that provide academic education. Also included are libraries and organizations providing continuing/supplemental education outside the formal school system, such as English-as-a-second-language programs, literacy, and reading programs for children and adults. Excluded are local public, private, and charter schools offering K through 12th grade education.Arts & CultureOrganizations or activities that promote enjoyment or understanding of the visual, performing, folk, or media arts, communication organizations (film, video, publishing, journalism, radio, television), and organizations or activities that promote the appreciation or understanding of historical events. Included are services to artists, performers, entertainers, or writers, art and performing art schools, centers, studios, and historical societies and museums.Public/Society BenefitOrganizations or programs that contribute to the public good and benefit society including, but not limited to, the following sub-categories: beautifying public spaces, civic organizations and institutions, community/neighborhood development and improvement, and philanthropy, voluntarism, and grant-making foundations.Grant requests should outline realistic dollar amounts, backed by documentation and a clear description of the need for funding.With few exceptions, grants awarded by the foundation are limited to the boundaries of Frederick County.The General Grant Program has no application s; funding decisions by the foundation's trustees are made on a bi-monthly basis. A Letter of Inquiry is the first step and may be submitted at any time. 12/1

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