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BCF Grantmaking - School Leadership

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The Baltimore Community Foundation awards grants to nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status. You qualify for a grant if your organization does not have a a 501(c)(3), but you do have a fiscal sponsor.




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We believe that attracting and retaining effective and diverse school leaders is a key lever for change in Baltimore’s educational landscape. Therefore, we are continuing our commitment to funding school leadership development efforts at the district and individual school level.

We are interested in proposals that focus on principal coaching, mentoring, peer networking, wellness/self-care, as well as pipelines that identify and develop new leaders. We will also continue to support efforts that build a culture of appreciation and encouragement for school leaders.

Additionally, we will build on the findings articulated in a school effectiveness study that we commissioned from the Baltimore Education Research Consortium (BERC). That research suggests that there are six key areas on which adults can focus to drive outcomes for students. We will welcome proposals that support school leaders to act on these key drivers, especially efforts that create and maintain a welcoming school environment for parents and partners.

Safety: Students, teachers, and staff feel free of physical or psychological harm.
Welcoming: Mutually welcoming and beneficial relationships are established between the school and parents/guardians.
Instruction: Teacher creates a classroom environment that promotes learning, mutual respect, and high expectations. Teachers plan and deliver highly effective instruction that is relevant, accurate and promotes higher-level thinking.
Teachers: Teachers have the professional capacity to deliver highly effective instruction and meet the learning needs of all students.
Leaders: School leaders have the professional capacity to establish and communicate goals and strategic plans, serve as instructional leaders by supporting teacher growth, be responsive to and inclusive of staff and community, and provide the necessary structures to support the other primary drivers.
External Engagement: Highly effective, sustained partnerships exist with relevant external community organizations and services.

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