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Charles Lafitte Foundation

Charles Lafitte Foundation







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The Charles Lafitte Foundation is a private family foundation founded in 1999 by Suzanne and Jeffrey Citron. The Foundation is committed to helping groups and individuals foster lasting improvement on the human condition by providing support to education, children's advocacy, medical research and the arts.EducationThe mission of the Education Program is to encourage the attainment of knowledge and skills and the practice of responsible citizenship through access to effective learning opportunities. The Foundation provides support for innovative programs aimed at resolving social service issues, assisting students with learning disabilities, providing technology and computer based education, creating access to education of the arts, supporting at-risk children from pre-school to college and providing learning enhancement, including the development of leadership skills. The Education Program includes support for research and conferences as well as support for programs that promote academic excellence in institutions of higher learning.ChildrenThe Foundation is committed to improving the \"quality of life\" of children by supporting programs, which encourage children to reach their fullest potential. The best chance a child has to reach that goal is to be provided with sufficient education, health care, housing and love. To that end, the Foundation supports programs that deal with issues such as child abuse, foster housing, literacy, educational advancement, after-school programs, hunger projects and the general well-being of children. The mission of the Children's Advocacy Program is to improve outcomes for children and youth of all ages and to maintain a vital, attractive community where children and families can thrive.Medical IssuesThe mission of the Medical Issues and Research Program is to raise the quality of healthcare by supporting and encouraging health research and education. The Foundation supports innovative programs, research that promotes health, scientific and educational activities and disease prevention. The Foundation supports efforts that help people live healthy and productive lives and assists specific groups with serious and neglected problems. Emphasis is given to cancer research and treatment, children's health, health education, promoting healthy life styles and bettering the quality of life for patients.The ArtsThe mission of the Arts Program is to foster the growth of new artists, invest in established artists and expand access to the arts. As one of the primary outlets of human creativity, art is a vital resource in developing and maintaining healthy communities. As school budgets are often short on cultural opportunities, the foundation will favor educational programs that encourage students to release their creativity, inspire them to learn and empower them with achievement. The Foundation supports innovation and creativity in the arts, and is particularly interested in encouraging emerging artists and inspiriting the development of new artistic work. Applying organizations must be 501(c)3. Funding is available All.

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