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Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation







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Pennsylvania,West Virginia


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The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation makes grants to organizations in West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania for Education and Economic Development.Additionally, the Foundation supports Community Development and Health & Human Services grants programs in West Virginia.The Foundation serves the entire state of West Virginia. In Southwestern Pennsylvania, the service area includes Allegheny, Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties.Program areas of interest:Education:The Foundation is interested in any significant opportunity to improve the education system, specific areas of interest include:Programs that improve teacher quality through professional development and innovative instructional strategies.Arts education, the integration of arts into other disciplines, and the partnership of community arts groups and higher education with the PreK-12 education system.Career education that aligns secondary and post-secondary programs to high-demand, high-wage occupations.Economic Development:The Foundation supports efforts to advance agriculture, outdoor recreation, artisanship, and cultural tourism. Specific areas of Foundation interest include:Promotion of entrepreneurship.Projects that promote technology-based economic development.Programs to promote the growth and accessibility of new capital for businesses in distressed communities and areas of high unemployment.Community Development:Specific areas of interest include:Activities that engage diverse groups of citizens in the life of the community.Efforts that help communities organize, plan, and implement ambitious but achievable improvement strategies.Leadership development.Programs that improve the effectiveness and accountability of nonprofit and public organizations.Efforts to expand technology access, affordability, and utilization.Activities that provide decent, safe, and affordable housing through home construction, repair, financing, and education programs.Health and Human Services:Specific areas of interest include:Support for a healthier quality of life for West Virginians through access to affordable health care, preventive health services, state-level policy development, and quality care systems across the lifespan.Ensuring a system of accessible and affordable health care for children, early intervention services that lead to school-success, and the promotion of child-focused public policy.Delivery of oral health education for the public and the implementation of preventive strategies in the state oral health plan.The Foundation accepts applications throughout the year. 4/6

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