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Colorado Springs Health Foundation

Colorado Springs Health Foundation







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Colorado Springs Health Foundation is accepting proposals for projects and programs to support and amplify the work of existing collaborative groups making significant improvement within one of the Foundation’s funding focus areas:Expand access to healthcare for those in greatest need. This includes care for physical, mental, oral and/or substance use disorder-related concerns.Address the healthcare workforce shortagePrevent suicideCultivate healthy environments in high-need or underserved communities. Healthy environments are those that encourage greater physical activity or those that increase access to healthy, affordable food.Prevent or heal traumaFunds may be used for planning and/or implementation work.Planning activities may include but are not limited to: data collection and analysis; analysis of existing research, including evidence-based practice; developing strategic plans; engaging community stakeholders; evaluating an existing effort; etc.Implementation activities may include but are not limited to: implementation of an existing plan; ongoing operational support of an existing collaboration-based program/service/initiative; etc.Existing collaborative groups that aim to make a difference in one of CSHF’s funding focus areas and are based in El Paso and/or Teller Counties, Colorado are eligible to apply.The lead organization (the organization that applies on behalf of the collaboration) must be a: 501(c)3 organization, a tax-supported institution like a school or a local/state government, or an organization operating under the fiscal agency of a 501(c)3 organization.If you are interested in applying for these collaboration-focused funds, you must speak with Colorado SpringsHealth Foundation staff first. You can sign up for a call online, or call/email them at 719-985-8989 (general office) or will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. 6/25

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