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National Digital Newspaper Program




July 7, 2023



January 11, 2024




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State governments, County governments, City or township governments, Special district governments, Public & State controlled institutions of higher education, Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized), Nonprofits (with 501(c)(3) status), Private institutions of higher education




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The National Digital Newspaper Program creates a national digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between 1690 and 1963 from all 56 states and U.S. jurisdictions. The Library of Congress (LC) maintains this freely accessible, searchable online database. NDNP is a partnership between NEH and the Library of Congress (LOC) to create a national digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between 1690 and 1963 from all 56 states and U.S. jurisdictions. LOC will permanently maintain this freely accessible, searchable online database (see Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers). An accompanying national newspaper directory of bibliographic and holdings information on the website directs users to newspaper titles available in all types of formats. During its partnership with NEH, LOC will digitize and contribute a significant number of newspaper pages drawn from its own collections to Chronicling America. If your application is successful, you will select newspapers—published in states or jurisdictions between 1690 and 1963—and over a period of two years, convert approximately 100,000 pages into digital files (preferably from microfilm), according to the technical guidelines outlined by LOC. You may select titles published in any language with a valid ISO 639-2 language code (or ISO 630-3, if appropriate). For newspapers published after 1927, you may only select those in the public domain (i.e., published without copyright or for which the copyright was not registered or renewed by 1963). If you wish to select titles for digitization published after 1927, you must indemnify LOC and NEH. NEH welcomes applications that involve collaboration between prior NDNP recipients and new partners. Such collaborations might involve arrangements to manage the creation and delivery of digital files; regular and ongoing consultation about project management; or formal training for project staff at an onsite institute or workshop. NDNP has supported such collaborations between the following partners: Arkansas and Mississippi; Florida and Puerto Rico; Louisiana and Mississippi; Minnesota and Iowa; Minnesota and North Dakota; Minnesota and South Dakota; Montana and Idaho; Texas and New Mexico; Texas and Oklahoma; and Virginia and West Virginia. NDNP supports dissemination activities that engage the wider public in exploring the digitized
content, within appropriate limits. Your budget may include staff time, consultation with outside experts, and other eligible expenses related to disseminating NEH-funded products, but the primary purpose of this program is to create a national digital resource of historically significant newspapers.If you propose digitizing titles in languages other than English, you must include staff with the relevant language expertise to review the quality of the converted content and related metadata. Your award should include an advisory board that includes scholars, teachers, traditional knowledge keepers, librarians, and archivists at a variety of institutions. The advisory board should be involved in selecting the newspapers to be digitized. In addition to providing advice on content, the advisory board should help disseminate the project’s progress and Chronicling
America more generally. If you are a prior NDNP recipient, you may apply for a subsequent award to digitize additional newspapers. NEH has distinct programmatic expectations depending on how many NDNP 20240111-PJ 2 awards you have previously received. This notice outlines these expectations. NEH will consider your number of previous NDNP awards when making funding decisions. During your first three awards, you will become proficient in newspaper digitization production workflows and standards through your cooperative agreement with NEH and LOC. At this stage, you must ensure that you or your partner institutions have access to large quantities of master negative microfilms of the state or jurisdiction’s newspapers for the period from 1690 through 1963.

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