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Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Leveraging Extant Data to Understand Developmental Trajectories of Late Talking Children (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)




August 25, 2023



February 1, 2024



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State governments, County governments, Independent school districts, Public & State controlled institutions of higher education, Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized), Public housing authorities, Native American tribal organizations, Nonprofits (with 501(c)(3) status), Private institutions of higher education, For profit organizations other than small businesses, Small businesses




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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Tackling Acquisition of Language in Kids (TALK) initiative seeks to support activities to better understand early language learning and delay. Late talking, also known as late language emergence, is diagnosed when a child, usually over the age of 18 months, is not meeting expressive language milestones. Approximately 10% to 20% of children receive this diagnosis. Children may be at higher risk for late talking for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, premature birth, exposure to maltreatment or trauma, and intellectual and developmental disorders; and yet other children present as late talkers for no other known reason and with no other symptoms. ?NIH TALK intends to publish a notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) to solicit applications for research projects that aim to further our understanding of the developmental trajectories of late talking children by leveraging existing datasets that include late talking children, those at-risk for late talking, or those with a history of late talking. The overall goal of this initiative is to create an open and shared data resource to aid in identifying patterns and predictors of developmental outcomes in late talking children, and exploring potential underlying mechanisms, risk factors, and sequelae.?This Notice of Intent to Publish (NOITP) is being provided to allow potential applicants time to explore availability and suitability of extant data resources, and to develop meaningful projects, collaborative research teams, and aPlan forEnhancingDiversePerspectives(PEDP). The NOFO is expected to be published in fall 2023 with an expected application due date in winter 2024. The NOFO will use the R21 activity code. Details of the planned NOFO are provided below.

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