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Orphan Site Cleanup Fund

State Water Resources Control Board



September 25, 2014







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Entity Types:

Small Businesses, For profit organizations other than small businesses, Individual

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS • Grantee is not eligible for the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Cleanup Fund. • Grantee did not cause or contribute to release of petroleum. • Grantee has no affiliation with a person who caused or contributed to the release of petroleum. • Principal source of contamination is from a petroleum UST. • No financially responsible party has been identified to pay for the corrective action costs.





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The Orphan Site Cleanup Fund (OSCF) is a grant program providing financial assistance to eligible applicants for the cleanup of sites contaminated by leaking petroleum underground storage tanks where there is no financially responsible party, and the applicant is not an eligible claimant to the UST Cleanup Fund. The maximum amount of grant monies available for an eligible occurrence is $1 million.  ; Senate Bill 445 (Hill, chapter 547, statutes of 2014), effective September 25, 2014, changed the OSCF eligibility criteria by not limiting the program to brownfield sites.   Grant Details Grants provide funding for response actions that characterize, assess, andinvestigate an unauthorized release from petroleum USTs. These actions include apreliminary site assessment, soil and groundwater investigations, and preparation of a corrective action plan in accordance with California Code of Regulations, Title 23, Chapter 16, Article 11. Grants may also provide funding for UST system removal, petroleum product removal and soil excavation, not to exceed 500 cubic yards at the eligible site. Grants also provide funding for response actions that carry out cleanup activities,implement a corrective action plans, and perform verification monitoring in accordance with California Code of Regulations, Title 23, Chapter 16, Article 11. If a corrective action plan is required, the State Water Board cannot award a cleanup grant until the applicant demonstrates the corrective action plan is complete and approved by the regulatory agency. However, the applicant may apply for a cleanup grant before completion and approval of the corrective action plan. Note that only the current property owner is eligible for a Cleanup Grant.

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