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The Rees-Jones Foundation is a private foundation established primarily to benefit the people of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and adjoining counties. The mission of the Foundation is \"to serve God by serving others, sharing His resources in ways that provide opportunities for the disadvantaged, relief for the suffering, and encouragement in the growth and well-being of children and families in our community.\"Areas of Giving:Human Services for Children, Youth, and FamiliesWith the goal of breaking the harmful cycle of poverty and abuse and developing stability and wholeness in the lives of people, the Foundation works to alleviate those conditions that are harmful to families or place children at risk of maltreatment. A priority of the Foundation is protecting children and youth who have been abused or neglected and are in need of substitute care or adoption. The Foundation also supports programs that improve conditions for children and youth who deal with physical disabilities.Youth DevelopmentThe Foundation funds organizations that are engaged in cultivating the character and personal responsibility of youth as well as providing intellectually and socially enriching experiences. With a focus on underserved youth, the Foundation is particularly interested in supporting organizations that expand the scope of opportunity and experience through education, mentoring, camping opportunities, and formative experiences.Mental HealthThe Foundation works to promote the mental health of the community, funding services for a wide range of mental illnesses and developmental disorders. The focus of the funding is to increase access to mental health care through counseling, therapy, and treatment, particularly for children and youth. Additionally, the Foundation supports efforts to enrich the lives of people living with illnesses and disorders through education, community services, and efforts to more effectively deliver mental health services.Community BenefitThe Foundation selectively supports efforts to enhance the quality of life for residents of North Texas, especially supporting initiatives that are inclusive of economically or educationally underserved communities.The Foundation is also invested in the welfare of companion animals, funding leading animal welfare organizations that are a resource for the community and promote the ethical and humane treatment of companion animals. Animal assisted therapy is also a funding interest.Grant applications may be submitted at any time. Grant applications must be submitted online. 4/11

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