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Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust







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The Carver Charitable Trust awards grants to 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations in Iowa and Illinois.Current Trust programs are:Iowa Public Library Grant ProgramYouth Recreation ProgramExcellence in Education ProgramDetailed guidelines are available on the Trust website, including priority geographic areas. A summary of each program is below:Iowa Public Library Grant Program:In recognition of the central role occupied by public libraries in the social and intellectual life of Iowa communities, the Carver Trust offers directed support for the establishment, expansion and enhancement of community-based library facilities and services. Grants of up to $60,000 are generally awarded for construction, renovation and/or furnishings and equipment needs, including technology-based initiatives that link libraries across multiple sites. Projects emphasizing library patronage among youth are especially encouraged.Youth Recreation Program:Efforts receiving Trust support have typically involved the construction or renovation of athletic facilities situated on school or municipal property, such as running tracks, soccer fields and baseball diamonds, among others. However, it should be noted that the Trust does not generally provide funding to support school-based playground initiatives, unless they are represented as part of a Trust-initiated program, involving multiple sites throughout a region of the state.Carver Statewide Scholarship Program:The Trust celebrates local academic achievement through support for this program, which honors students, staff and faculty within the Muscatine Community School District with recognition awards and scholarships. The scholarship application process is separate from the grant programs.Interested applicants should first submit a letter of inquiry. Letters of inquiry should be no longer than two pages and should not be accompanied by videotapes, detailed financial reports or other supporting documents. The following information should be included in the initial letter of inquiry:A brief background on your organization, including a history of its existence, the size of staff and board and the type of service provided.A succinct description of the project, what it is designed to achieve, and how this will be accomplished.A proposed budget for the total cost of the project and the amount you intend to request from the Trust. If possible, identify the particular budget items for which you would be requesting Trust support. Specify other potential or committed sources of funding for the project.A statement describing why participation of the Carver Trust is vital to the success of the project. Indicate any past history with the Trust or any contacts you have made with Trust staff or others leading to your decision to approach the Trust for funding.sLetters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.If invited, proposal s are February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15. 6/23

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