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U.S. Embassy Prague: Campaign to Mark the 25th Anniversary of the Czech Republic Joining NATO




November 7, 2023



December 8, 2023




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Entity Types:

Nonprofits (with 501(c)(3) status), Public & State controlled institutions of higher education

Not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations (Czech or U.S.) Public educational institutions (Czech or U.S.)




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The U.S. Embassy in Prague Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for not-for-profit organizations/non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or academic institutions to submit applications to carry out a communication and public engagement campaign to mark the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republics NATO accession, which originally took place on March 12, 1999. The campaign should celebrate the anniversary, communicate the concrete benefits of Czech NATO membership to the Czech public, fostering a deeper appreciation of NATO;apos;s role in ensuring the nation;apos;s security, and promote the strength of the U.S.-Czech security partnership. The program objectives outlined below provide a roadmap for prospective applicants to create an engaging and widespread campaign. Through these objectives, proposals should increase awareness of U.S-Czech cooperation in security and international relations and ensure that Czech citizens are well-informed about the positive impact of NATO membership over the past 25 years, securing a strong alliance for the future. While proposals will preferably be for a comprehensive campaign covering a range of activities and messaging efforts throughout the anniversary year, smaller-scale proposals for a limited series of programs will also be considered. Priority Region: Czech Republic, with particular emphasis on activities outside the capital of Prague Program Objectives: PAS encourages proposals that include a wide range of project activities, outreach, and public messaging to celebrate the Czech NATO anniversary and to promote the United States as a strong security and diplomatic partner to the Czech Republic, based on our countries shared values. Proposed activities can be wide ranging, including the following: Raise Awareness: Increase public awareness throughout the Czech Republic about the historical significance and enduring benefits of the country;apos;s NATO membership, with a focus on the 25th anniversary milestone. Highlight Partnership: Emphasize and celebrate the strong and enduring partnership between the Czech Republic and the United States, showcasing the mutual commitment to security and defense within the NATO alliance. Programs and communications should include information about the United States role and roles of U.S. leaders such as President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in the Czech accession to NATO, as well as ongoing cooperation between the United States and Czech Republic. Programs and communications should emphasize the longstanding partnership of our countries based on shared values. Promote Regional and Global Security: Communicate how Czech NATO membership has contributed to regional and global security over the past 25 years. Educate the Public: Inform the Czech public about the roles, responsibilities, and achievements of NATO in addressing contemporary security challenges and in cooperation on humanitarian assistance, both within Europe and beyond. Target Diverse Audiences: Ensure that the communication campaign reaches a diverse range of audiences, including different age groups, regions, and social backgrounds, to maximize public engagement and understanding. Youth Engagement: Engage and educate young people, schools, and universities to foster the next generation;apos;s appreciation for NATO;apos;s role in shaping the security landscape, and the United States as a critical security and foreign policy partner to the Czech Republic. Digital and Traditional Media: Utilize a mix of digital and traditional media and messaging channels to disseminate information effectively, targeting both urban and rural areas. This may include news stories as well as advertising in media outlets or outdoor advertising (bus or trams, etc.). Inclusive Messaging: Create messaging and materials that resonate with various segments of the population, including those with different language backgrounds and cultural perspectives. Interactive Initiatives: Support interactive and engaging initiatives such as workshops, seminars, webinars, and public forums to encourage active participation and dialogue. Cultural Events: Promote cultural events, exhibitions, and artistic performances that highlight the historical and contemporary significance of NATO membership and the U.S-Czech partnership. Data-Driven Approach: Implement a data-driven approach to assess the campaign;apos;s reach, impact, and audience engagement, allowing for adjustments and improvements as needed. Public-Private Partnerships: Encourage collaboration with private sector organizations, media outlets, educational, and civil society groups to amplify the reach of the communication campaign. Evaluation and Reporting: Establish clear metrics and evaluation criteria to measure the effectiveness of the campaign in achieving its objectives, with regular reporting on progress. Sustainability: Ensure that the campaign leaves a lasting impact by fostering ongoing public support for NATO membership and security cooperation well beyond the 25th-anniversary celebration. Applicants should include in their budgets all costs necessary to implement the proposed campaign, such as: graphic design and printing of advertising or communication materials advertising buys, if proposed venues, A/V, publicity, supplies, and other logistics needs for workshops, exhibits or educational programs travel costs for staff and/or participants to attend workshops, exhibits or educational programs Participants and Audiences: Focus on residents outside of Prague, with an emphasis on youth and young adults in smaller and mid-sized municipalities (up to 75,000 inhabitants) in the Czech Republic, particularly in regions with less familiarity with the United States and Americans. Full requirements can be found at: All application materials must be submitted by email to with the subject line NATO 25th Anniversary Proposal. Applications submitted after the deadline of December 8, 2023 will not be considered.

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