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Our GPTs are free while in beta. Your in-app feedback is greatly appreciated!


  • Grant Writing Help: Early drafts for your application - just add the question and your ideas.

  • Exploring the Landscape: Gain insights into grants you can expect to be eligible for.

  • LOI and Proposal Guidance: Insights from successful examples.

  • Professional Help: Connecting you with expert grant writers.


  • Draft Legislation: Assists in drafting legislative proposals.

  • Analyze and Summarize Public Documents: Breaks down complex legal texts into concise, insightful summaries.

  • Insights on Legislative Impact: Can postulate on predicted impacts of given legislation.

  • Online Legislative Research: Accesses real-time information from government sources for up-to-date legislative insights.

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What is a GPT?

A GPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a form of artificial intelligence. It interprets and creates text with a high degree of human-like fluency, unlike previous generations of chatbots.  By integrating specialized data, these custom GPTs blend ChatGPT's conversational skills with expert accuracy and access to current information. The result is an AI tool that combines intelligence, precision, and relevance, making it versatile for diverse professional uses beyond ChatGPT.
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