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GrantExec Expands Its Reach: Introducing California Grant Monitoring Services

As an emerging leader in the grantseeking industry, GrantExec is pleased to announce the launch of our daily California grant monitoring system. This new feature will run alongside our federal grant monitoring services, providing a more comprehensive range of grant-seeking opportunities. As of today, there are 164 open grants from the California state government, totaling an impressive $14,123,058,854 in available funding.

Securing funding is an essential aspect of the growth and success of various organizations. To showcase the wide array of opportunities available through the California state government, we have selected five noteworthy grants currently open:

  1. Wetland Restoration - This grant provides up to $36 million for projects aimed at enhancing, protecting, and restoring California's wetlands. The funding supports natural infrastructure solutions that focus on improving water quality, increasing climate resilience, and enhancing ecosystems.

  2. Ending Homelessness - This funding program allocates $237,301,738 to address critical encampment concerns and transition individuals into safe and stable housing, furthering California's efforts to prevent and end homelessness.

  3. Rural Broadband Deployment - With a budget of up to $10,710,000, this grant seeks to facilitate the deployment of broadband services in rural and urban areas across California, improving digital connectivity for communities.

  4. Watershed Protection - Offering up to $280 million in funding, this program supports multi-benefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, aligning with California's coequal goals of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability.

  5. Advanced EV Chargers - This solicitation, with a budget of up to $24 million, aims to demonstrate replicable and scalable business and technology models for deploying Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. The grant also focuses on improving public awareness and increasing charging access in disadvantaged and low-income communities.

By expanding our services to include daily California grant monitoring, GrantExec aims to provide organizations with a more extensive range of opportunities, increasing the chances of securing the funding needed for various projects and initiatives.


At GrantExec, we track opportunities like these every day, ensuring our clients remain informed and prepared without fear of missing a worthwhile opportunity. Our personalized grant recommendations and alerts, tailored with our top-of-the-line grant writing services, provide comprehensive grantseeking support to help you secure your share of the hundreds of billions in new funding. Discover how GrantExec can support your organization at or contact us at


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