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November Updates

Happy fall, all!

Over the last month, we’ve built several new features, continued to improve our current services, and celebrated client successes. Highlights include:

  • Customer Success

    • A $450 Scouting Report yielded a $10,000 grant!

  • Scouting Report Enhancements

    • Email Reminders for Application Deadlines

    • Free Strategy Meetings

    • Our Commitment to Quality

  • Grant Writing Update

  • New Features

Customer Success

First and foremost, we are thrilled to share that a small nonprofit customer recently won a $10,000 grant from our Scouting Report! The customer spent $300, creating an impressive ROI of 2,122%. What’s more, the customer has additional applications pending. This is why we exist– to help folks who want to make a difference access the resources to make it happen.

Scouting Report Enhancements

Email Reminders: Executive directors and business owners are busy. We understand that even with the best intentions, deadlines can fall through the cracks. That’s why we’ve developed automated email reminders to alert you to critical application deadlines. You can customize these reminders to alert you one week, two weeks, or one month out– or all three!

Strategy Meetings: Looking for a review of your Scouting Report and a game plan for maximizing your chances of winning? We are here to help. Schedule a free 30-minute strategy meeting– included with every Scouting Report.

Our Commitment to Quality: We know that when you buy a Scouting Report or hire one of our grant writers, you’re entrusting us with your limited resources. We also recognize that funding opportunities are dynamic– that’s why we’ve created this commitment: If a funder determines your organization is ineligible for a grant we recommended, let us know. We'll provide a replacement – free of charge.

Grant Writing Update

Our team of expert grant writers continues to expand across the United States. We recently contracted Rob Lipton, a 25-year federal grant-writing veteran and Ph.D. holder from UCLA, to support our NSF, CDC, and NIH applicants. We also welcomed Heather Scott, a skilled health sciences grant writer who has secured and managed more than $4.5 million in funded projects and programs.

New Features

The GrantExec Dashboard: Building off of our Federal Grants Tracker, we now provide visibility into the entire universe of available grants, where they’re coming from, and who’s eligible. You can find all this information and more at

Grant News: In this new feature we’re aggregating stories about organizations winning grants and putting those dollars to good use. Check out the latest stories here and sign up for our weekly newsletter here.


Thank you for supporting GrantExec! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please let us know by shooting us an email or scheduling a time to meet at the link below.


Ryan & Team GrantExec


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