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October Updates

Hello, friends of GrantExec!

October has been an exciting month for GrantExec customers. Here’s what’s new:

We’ve enhanced our data collection software to capture even more hard-to-find grant opportunities. Today, we have nearly 23,000 grants in our database worth over $107 billion. We’re building dashboards like the Federal Grants Tracker, the world's first public visualization of U.S. federal grant opportunities in real-time. We’ve also begun building custom dashboards for chambers of commerce and other associations of grantseeking organizations to provide a clearer picture of today’s funding opportunities.

It’s never been easier to order a Scouting Report: we’ve consolidated the report setup and order forms so you can submit your grant preferences and order your report all in one place– with the added protection of Stripe’s secure payment portal. We’ve also implemented a more flexible pricing model for our Scouting Reports to better reflect the unique goals and budget limitations of our client organizations. Now, a first-time grantseeker can receive three vetted grant recommendations worth $10,000 each for as little as $210. Try out the pricing calculator for yourself!

We have many exciting product development updates to share in the near future. Stay tuned! Thank you for your support.


Ryan & Team GrantExec


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