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About Us

We take the time and labor out of the grantseeking process to help leaders access capital without losing ownership or taking on loans. We do this through matching our clients to the best funding opportunities from our database of thousands of grants in a timely and accurate manner, providing comprehensive application writing and review support, and developing new tools to reduce friction in the grant seeking process.

Our Mission

To democratize the grant-seeking process by facilitating access for nonprofits, small businesses, learning institutions, local governments, or other civically-minded organizations to a share of the $1 trillion in publicly and privately sourced competitive grants distributed annually. 

Our Motivation

We believe that with the right resources, anyone can change the world for the better. Each time an organization wins a grant, its capacity to do good grows. As a startup with the technology to vastly improve access to grants, we feel an obligation to help as many grant-seeking organizations as possible.


Ryan, Founder and CEO


Ryan Alcorn founded GrantExec in the summer of 2021 while studying public policy at the University of Virginia.


As an employee of a woman-owned small business in Charlottesville between 2018 and 2021, one of Ryan's jobs was to regularly comb the web to find suitable grant opportunities for the business. He soon learned that the sheer volume of disparate grant opportunities made it impractical to search through them all by hand, and no affordable tools existed to automatically match organizations to suitable grants. Moreover, he recognized that many grant applications required specialized knowledge to accurately complete.

Ryan further found that several organizations in his orbit consistently struggled to raise funds for their programs despite significant community need. Thus, he paired his policy background with a passion to help well-meaning organizations do more for their communities to create GrantExec, a service that would locate and help win grants for those who needed them.

Thanks to the generous advice, assistance, and general goodwill from many friends, family, and colleagues, GrantExec has become a promising social startup. 

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