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About GrantExec

Empowering Changemakers through Intelligent Grant Solutions

Our Philosophy: The Golden Circle

GrantExec embodies a mission-driven approach to the world of grant funding. Inspired by Simon Sinek's Golden Circle model, which focuses on 'Why', 'How', and 'What', we at GrantExec are committed to transforming the grant-seeking landscape.

WHY: We understand grants to be an altruistic financial instrument intended to empower organizations to solve societal and economic problems. This perspective positions grants as not just funding sources, but as catalysts for innovation and change. In a landscape where the intricacies of grant acquisition often overshadow their purpose, our mission is to streamline this process, unlocking the hundreds of billions of dollars offered each year. Our goal is to ensure these crucial resources reach those who can make the most significant impact for societal improvement. In doing so, we aim to uphold the true spirit of grants: fostering impactful solutions and promoting progress in communities worldwide.

HOW: GrantExec's vision comes to life through a blend of expert human insight and cutting-edge technology:

  • AI-Driven Precision: Leveraging AI and machine learning, GrantExec revolutionizes the process of grant discovery and matching. This innovative approach ensures a harmonious alignment between project visions and their ideal funding sources.

  • Expert Ecosystem: We bridge the gap between opportunity and expertise by collaborating with seasoned grant writers and industry professionals, connecting them with our clients for unparalleled guidance and support.

  • Dynamic, Personalized Market Intelligence: Our upcoming platform is designed to offer real-time updates and personalized alerts. This ensures that our clients are always informed and ready to seize timely opportunities with confidence.

WHAT: GrantExec is proud to offer:

  • Expansive Grant Repository: A comprehensive and constantly updated database of grant opportunities, accessible to a broad spectrum of grant seekers.

  • Customized Matching: Our service goes beyond listing grants; we tailor opportunities to align with the unique missions and needs of each grant seeker, enhancing success rates and saving valuable time.

  • Grant Writing Expertise: Our professional assistance in developing compelling grant applications significantly increases the chances of success.

  • Proactive Monitoring Services: Through our subscription-based service, we provide ongoing monitoring of new opportunities, keeping our clients at the forefront of grant-seeking.

  • Funder Engagement Tools (Coming Soon): Our forthcoming tools are designed to connect funders with ideal candidates, fostering a vibrant community of grantors and grantees for efficient and impactful funding.

Our Origin

GrantExec was born out of frustration with the current grantseeking process and a vision to facilitate easier grant acquisition. We're on a mission to ensure that every innovator and change-maker has the opportunity to secure the funding they need to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality.

GrantExec started as an idea by Ryan Alcorn and Roark Corson in 2021 with a mission to streamline the grant-seeking process. In the early stages, Ryan recognized the value of expertise in grant writing and sought the partnership of Kristina Alcorn, an experienced government proposal writer with a knack for navigating the complexities of grant applications. As Ryan's mother, Kristina brought not only her professional acumen but also a personal commitment to the venture, accepting the role of leading the grant writing division. Their combined efforts have since been central to developing GrantExec’s tailored approach to connecting diverse clients with suitable grant opportunities.

What We're Building

GrantExec seeks to become the ecosystem where grantseekers find perfect opportunities and funders connect with ideal stewards – ensuring each grant fully achieves its intended impact.

As GrantExec's platform evolves, we are already offering a suite of services that define our vision for a fully integrated, intelligent grant-matching system. We're crafting a user-centric experience that will streamline the path from discovery to application to funding.

Our Current Offerings

  • Extensive Live Grant Opportunities: Our expansive and ever-growing database currently boasts over 29,000 grant opportunities (view the latest here). This rich repository ensures that no matter the sector or size of your initiative, you have access to a breadth of potential funding sources.

  • Personalized Grant Prospecting: Utilizing the Large Language Model (LLM) and embedding technology, our platform offers unprecedented personalization in grant matching. We understand that each client's needs are as specific as their projects, so our AI-driven system is fine-tuned to connect each grant seeker with their most compatible funding opportunities.

    • Scouting Reports: Each Scouting Report is a comprehensive document that bypasses the tedious search and initial vetting processes, providing you with a personalized, actionable guide to active grant opportunities suitable for your organization.​

    • Grant Monitoring: Daily automated monitoring of all new grant offerings from the 27 federal grantmaking agencies and their 211 offices. We're building monitoring systems for state grant programs across all 50 states.

  • Live Data Visualizations: GrantExec is proud to be the first in the field to offer live data visualizations of federal grant opportunities. Our clients can now engage with real-time, interactive visual data to better understand the landscape of available grants, the competition, and the trends that could influence their funding strategies.

  • Expert Grant Writing Team: Our team, comprised of 25+ expert grant writers, are authorities in their respective industries, offering clients a competitive edge by crafting compelling narratives that resonate with funders' expectations and objectives.

  • API Database Access: Directly integrate with our comprehensive database via API, tapping into a resource of over 29,000 grant opportunities tailored to a multitude of sectors and specialties.

Join Our Community of Changemakers

GrantExec is a collective of innovators, funders, and experts driven to empower impactful projects with strategic funding. As we advance, we invite you to join a network where grants are not just awarded, but carefully matched to ensure every vision has the opportunity to become an impactful reality.

Step into the future of personalized grant sourcing with GrantExec, where your project’s funding journey is meticulously curated by experts. Welcome to a new standard in grant matchmaking—where your vision meets its funding match.

Our Team

Our Team

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