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Federal Grants June Report: Infrastructure Law Grants Continue to Flow

By Ryan Alcorn, Justin Taylor, and Aiden Smith. Originally published as a LinkedIn article.

Greetings from GrantExec, and welcome to our Federal Grant Insights Report for June 2023. In this edition, we navigate the terrain of recent federal grant releases, spotlighting the significant opportunities that have emerged over the month of June. With a thorough exploration of individual grants, including direct links for your convenience, we aim to streamline your grant-seeking journey. Additionally, we provide an analysis of our live federal grants dataset, simplifying the understanding of the grant-seeking landscape. Our primary objective is to equip you with the resources and knowledge necessary to navigate these prospects adeptly and craft compelling applications.

The month of June saw a robust increase in federal grant releases, with 430 new grants posted, signifying a total of $19.64 billion in fresh opportunities. This count marks a significant 16% surge from the 371 offerings made public in May.

In the grant distribution segment, the lion's share fell to the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), generating 82 and 98 new grants, respectively. However, the most sizeable grants were announced by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), featuring the Solar For All initiative valued at $7 billion, and a triumvirate of U.S. Department of Transportation grants (INFRA, Mega, and Rural Surface Transportation) totaling $5.6 billion.

June's Grant Opportunities

Let's take a closer look at the major new grant opportunities from June:

  1. Solar For All // $7B // Posted June 28

  2. INFRA Grants // $3.1B // Posted June 26

  3. Mega Grants // $1.8B // Posted June 26

  4. Rural Surface Transportation Grant Program // $675M // Posted June 26

  5. NOAA Climate Resilience Regional Challenge // $575M // Posted June 20

  6. Home Study and Post-Release Services for Unaccompanied Children // $500M // Posted June 6

  7. Service Area Competition // $412M // Posted June 23

  8. Children's Hospitals Graduate Medical Education Payment Program // $365M // Posted June 1

  9. Shelter and Services Program // $363M // Posted June 12

  10. Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Program // $209M // Posted June 29

Upcoming Deadlines

There are also several looming deadlines for a host of significant grant opportunities:

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA/BIL) Grants

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) significantly contributed to this month's funding volume. In June, various agencies, including the DOE, DOT, NSF, DOC, and HHS issued 31 new grants from the IIJA, summing up to an impressive $16.31 billion - which constitutes over 80% of the month's posted opportunities. These infrastructure-focused funds present a plethora of opportunities for projects aiming to revitalize and upgrade our national infrastructure.

Key IIJA opportunities include:


As of the time of this report, the federal government is offering a staggering $64.8 billion from 2,332 grants for an anticipated 26,273 future awardees. Explore the landscape in real-time at Don't hesitate to connect with us to learn how GrantExec can empower your organization to discover and secure grant funding successfully.


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