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GrantExec Founder Talks Grantseeking Struggles with KeepYourEquityCo.

In this video, Ryan Alcorn (Founder and CEO of GrantExec) joins Dr. Stacy Chin of to discuss the intricate world of grants, elucidating why finding the right grant can be such a daunting task for individuals and organizations. Ryan uncovers the issues of fragmentation and lack of centralization that plague the grant-finding process and shares his journey in overcoming these challenges, from his early career's low-tech methods to the advanced, streamlined solutions his company now provides. Ryan brings to light the common struggles faced in the grant-seeking journey, pinpointing the main issues as fragmentation and decentralization in the grant-offering sector. GrantExec is pioneering in solving these prevalent problems by introducing automated and centralized solutions to aid individuals and organizations in finding grants that align with their needs and purposes efficiently.


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